Chronos Turns Your Old Watch Into A Smartwatch

watch-3.8e5a53bcNow can convert your analog watch into a smartwatch, sort of. Just attach this tiny disc to the underside of your watch and voila. Now it can do notifications and activity tracking.


Chronos can vibrate and flash for whatever notifications you choose, and it can also track your steps. It’s got a 36 hour battery life, which is certainly not bad. And it’s only 3mm thin.

The lights can also be turned off, in case a person doesn’t want their wrist flashing all the time, but Luke Fromowitz, Chronos’ CTO, claims that this is actually something people are fond of, especially people with high-end watches. “They love it. They love the lights,” he says.

At $99 it seems like a pretty good deal, for those who don’t want to replace their old watch but still want the main perks of a smartwatch. Chronos is currently up for pre-order.

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