Kerv: The World’s First Contactless Payment Ring


Kerv is a ring with a NFC chip that allows you to make purchases super easily.


No smartphone pairing, signature, or cards required. Might seem like a security problem at first, but with the app you can turn Kerv on and off, or set restrictions such as the amount to spend in a day.

It’s made from aerospace-grade zirconia ceramic making it, hypoallergenic, scratch resistant, and waterproof.

Of course the biggest perk is that it’s easy to bring with you, and a ring is harder to forget than a wallet.

All in all a pretty cool gadget, I can’t wait until it comes out.


Kerv has been fully funded on Kickstarter, you cans ign up for their mailing list on the website. However there is no word on when it will actually be available for purchase, estimated delivery for backers is March 2016.


Kerv website