Watch A Skyscraper Get Built In Only 19 Days

chinese skyscraper 19

This 57 story skyscraper in China was built in the record breaking short time of only 19 days. The video is called “3 stories in one day, Chinas new normal”. And the building is quite remarkable despite being built so fast. For one the air inside the building is cleaner than outside due to the tight construction and built-in air conditioning system. The company also claims that the building is very environmetally friendly, due to the use of Lego-like prefabricated blocks which reduced the use of concrete by 15,000 truckloads, and almost no dust was released.

Check out the timelapse below

While it might not be as impressive as 3D printed houses, it sure is amazing using fairly standard methods of construction.

Meanwhile in Sweden close to were I live, laying a pipe and repaving a 2km road is going to take over 6 months.