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This is a really clever gadget, essentially it’s a good ol’ TSA luggage lock, but with a high tech twist. You unlock it using NFC, either on your NFC compatible phone, or using a NFC tag. Simple safe and brilliant.

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Unfortunately it doesn’t come as a kit, you’ll have to buy a bag with one of these already installed. More info on tech specs and availability in the press release below.

What do you think? A silly idea, or will this be the future of luggage locks?

eGeeTouch lock

World’s 1st Patented
eGeeTouch® Smart Electronic Locks

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Winner of 2014 JAPAN DIY Award
Winner of 2015 CES Innovation Award
DIGIPAS USA LLC (www.digipas.com), based in Connecticut, U.S., is an innovation driven globalleading development and manufacturer of Digi-Pas® Precision Levelling, Angular Measuring Instruments and eGeeTouch® Smart Electronic Locks.
eGeeTouch® (www.egeetouch.com) is a registered trademark of DIGIPAS USA LLC and JSB TECH Pte Ltd, affiliated companies of Ventura Group with a history of over 20 years. Located in USA, Japan, UK, Germany and Singapore, the group company is led by Dr Jim Li who graduated with a PhD from Cambridge University, UK. He holds over 30 patents in the field of advanced technology deployment to electronic devices and manufacturing processes. His R&D team comprises highly specialized professionals focusing on the development of core capabilities within the niched domain expertise of advanced precision instrument and intelligent proximity access security technologies.

2. PRODUCTS – eGeeTouch® Smart Luggage Lock
The world’s-1st patented eGeeTouch® Smart Electronic Luggage Lock presented by DIGIPAS USA LLC is embedded with state-of-art proximity access security technology; requiring no key, no digit-wheel dials and no code-memorizing to safeguard personal belongings in a luggage during a trip unmatched by any conventional luggage lock.
Lock is well known as an indispensable component of a luggage providing its owner the most basic form for securing personal belonging. However, conventional combination digit-dial lock and keyed padlocks have become outdated and indisputably cumbersome to use with ‘doubtful’ security, particularly due to frequently experienced lost key, small digitwheel that’s difficult to read and dial, easily forgotten 3-digit unlocking code, and risk of
being cracked in seconds. Concerns over security of valuables inside a luggage is undeniably justified especially when luggage is left unattended in areas such as airport, train, ferry compartments, hotel concierge or hotel room.
The world’s first patented eGeeTouch® intelligent luggage lock is embedded with state-of-art intelligent proximity access security and smart identification technologies, effectively resolves the disadvantages associated with traditional locks. The unique smart luggage lock offers multiple access methods enabling users to use their own NFC-enabled devices such as smartphone or tagged wallet to access their luggage contents. It requires; no key to misplace, no tiny digit-wheel to dial, and no combination code to memorize, thus no fuss for luggage owner to keep and safeguard their travelling belongings. These radically enhanced functional and security features are critical differentiating factors that provide hassle-free travel experience which the traditional lock is unable to match. Equipped with One-Touch function for convenient access, securing and unlocking luggage is like a breeze providing incredibly convenience and peace of mind to frequent travelers and holiday makers which the traditional luggage locks are unable to provide.
In short, eGeeTouch® Smart Luggage Lock is second to none in the world, strategically created based on the concept of Disruptive Innovation, deliberately seeks to replace those ‘outdated’, cumbersome and easily cracked conventional luggage locks and has tremendous potential to revolutionize the travel luggage industry.
• TSA COMPLIANCE BYPASS: eGeeTouch® Smart Luggage Lock is U.S. Transport Security Administration (TSA) Approved. It complies with TSA requirements allowing mechanical key to bypass the lock to enable access by airport’s custom authority.
• ULTRA HIGH SECURITY: 1). eGeeTouch® Smart Luggage Lock is driven by Near Field Communication (NFC) which is close-proximity access eradicating concerns over any unwanted hijacking Over-The-Air (OTA) transmissions. 2). eGeeTouch’s proprietary Intelligent Encryption Technology capable of generating over 100millions encrypted code combinations ensures ultra-high security protection.
• MULTIPLE ACCESS METHODS: eGeeTouch® Smart Luggage Lock can be accessed with 1). Factory Pre-Paired NFC Smart Tag, 2). Pre-Paired NFC Tag Sticker (e.g. stick on wallet), 3). NFC-Enabled User’s-own Mobile Devices, 4). USB On-The-Go, 5). Backup Mechanical Key
• SPLASHPROOF & FREEZEPROOF: eGeeTouch® Smart Luggage Lock is IP44 certified for water resistance and tested for operation at wide temperature range of -10°C to +50°C.
• BACKUP POWER THRU USB 2.0 CONNECTIVITY: eGeeTouch® Smart Luggage Lock is conveniently powered up with any external USB portable power source in rare event when the lock’s batteries run out.
• LED & BUZZER NOTIFICATION: eGeeTouch® Smart Luggage Lock provides bright LED light & audible Buzzer notification for clear indication of locking and unlocking status.

eGeeTouch® Smart Luggage Lock

Colours Customizable
Body Material PC ABS
Locking material Zinc
IP rating IP44
Power Supply 2x LR44/A76 (1.5V)
Weight ~82.50g
Dimension 85mm x 37mm x 22mm
Environmental Requirements Operating Temperature: -10°C ~ +50°C
Non-Operating Temperature: -20°C ~ +60°C
Humidity: 20-90% RH

eGeeTouch® Smart Luggage Lock is open for order and welcomes luggage brand owners and manufacturers to contact us at [email protected].

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1. What are the advantages of eGeeTouch Smart Luggage Lock?
eGeeTouch® Smart Electronic Lock is embedded with intelligent proximity access technology provides incredibly hassle free experience and enhanced security for safeguarding your personal belongings when travelling. You need no mechanical key, no dialling tiny engraved digit-wheels, no worry on forgetting combination code for unlocking and concern over your 3-digit code is easily cracked! Simply tap an eGeeTouch® NFC tag or a paired mobile device of your own to unlock, thus no fuss and peace of mind on your belongings during a trip. In addition, it has an optional built-in microchip tag for luggage identification.

2. How is eGeeTouch® Smart Locks different from other Bluetooth-Driven Padlocks?
eGeeTouch Smart Locks deploys advanced NFC-driven access technology which is superior for (1) High Security, (2) Faster Connection Speed, and (3) Negligible Power Consumption in comparison to other Bluetooth-Driven Devices/Locks.

Particularly, (i) NFC is close-proximity access eradicating concerns over any unwanted hijacking Over-The-Air (OTA) transmissions. (ii) NFC connection is instantaneous (<1sec) while Bluetooth connection requires initialization that typically takes more than 20sec. (iii) NFC-paired devices such as smartphone requires negligible power as compared to
Bluetooth. And, NFC Tags are passive device which does not need its own power to operate.

3. Does eGeeTouch® luggage lock comply with TSA requirement?
eGeeTouch® luggage lock is TSA Approved and built with a TSA compliant mechanical key bypass. TSA authorized personnel is able to use assigned TSA master key to unlock/lock eGeeTouch® luggage lock.

4. What is the battery life for eGeeTouch® luggage lock?
The batteries are expected to last for 5,500 to 11,000 times turning ON/OFF or over 3 years of battery life, based on 5 to 10 times (depends on model) locking/unlocking per day usage. Typical ON time for eGeeTouch® luggage lock is less than 10 seconds and it turns itself OFF automatically, hence consuming little/no battery power thereafter.

5. What happen when eGeeTouch® batteries become ‘flat’?
You have two options: 1). Use a standard external USB mobile power source to power eGeeTouch® luggage lock via the USB terminal provided, and then proceeds with unlocking as usual. Or 2). Use the backup mechanical key provided to open eGeeTouch® luggage lock through the TSA key hole.

6. What happen if I lost my mobile phone?
You have few options: 1). you may simply reload your eGeeTouch® App to reassign a new passcode on your new phone. Then, disable or delete your old code in the eGeeTouch® lock that was previously paired with your lost phone, 2). Alternatively, use your eGeeTouch® tag to unlock. 3). For eGeeTouch® luggage lock, you may even use a TSA accepted backup key provided to gain access at the TSA key hole. Never worry about changing your lock cylinder or entire mechanical lock anymore!

7. Is eGeeTouch® smart lock waterproof?
eGeeTouch® smart luggage locks are IP 44 water resistance. It operates in wide humidity environment (20% to 90%) as well as broad range of operating temperature (-10°C to +50°C). Its electronic board is coated with a layer of water resistance material. Likewise to most electronic products, when splashing with water, the batteries drain out quickly.
Simply ensure the lock is completely dry and then install new batteries to regain its function. However, you may use the optional IP65 waterproof casing to turn your smart padlock into waterproof.

8. What are the available options to unlock these smart electronic locks?
For all eGeeTouch® series of locks, there are several options as follow:
I. Use eGeeTouch NFC tag provided
II. NFC-enabled mobile devices e.g. Smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, etc.
III. Connect eGeeTouch with mobile devices via USB OTG (USB On-The-Go)

For eGeeTouch® Smart Luggage Lock & Smart Combination Lock, a TSA accepted key lock is also built-in for access by TSA authorized personnel in U.S. airports.

9. Is eGeeTouch® Smart Electronic Lock series have patent protection?
Our group company filed a patent in 2010 covering over 100 countries and the patent was awarded in 2012. Since, we have extended the patent to many countries around the world. You may click ‘Contact Us’ to find out those jurisdictions which already granted the patent.