LINKASE PRØ Wifi & 3G/4G Signal Enhancing Case For iPhone 5/s

linkase pro 4g signal enhancing case

Not only does this iPhone case improve your signal strength and transfer speeds, it also reduces battery use up to 20%.

LINKASE PRØ uses the company’s patented electromagnetic waveguide (EMW) technology to steer radiation
energy emitted by the iPhone away from the head and body and into open space, improving cellular signal significantly.
Consequently, this dramatically extends the battery life by 20%. In situations where signal is weak, EMW
increases data rate and stability, providing individuals with a better talking and browsing experience.

So does it work?

linkase speedtest

This speedtest was done in area with pretty weak 4g signal. The case did indeed help. Using the case for a while I noticed a slight improvement in battery life. I’d say the Linkase pro is a pretty good solution for someone who has decent cellular connection. But it won’t do miracles, if there’s no signal there’s no signal. And if you use the Linkase in an area that already has perfect reception you probably wont notice much difference either.

Such a unique case, and it actually works. For the price I definitely recommend it. The one i received for testing was pink but It’s of course available in more colors. It comes in black, white, blue and pink.
linkase pro iphone 5

linkase pro signal enhancing case

The LINKASE PRØ retails for $39.95 and you can get one here.