Captherms MP1120 Multiphasic CPU Cooler

Captherm MP1120 cooler

This might the be the coolest CPU cooler in the world, literally. Captherms MP1120 is a very unique CPU cooler, using some clever techniques it manages to outperform even watercooling. First of all it’s made of fused copper, steel and aluminum. This gives great passive cooling capacity. However these metals are quite hard to combine. So at the CES when the creators of this awesome CPU cooler asked me if I wanted to see their manufacturing process, this is what they showed me..

That’s right, the first step to making these CPU coolers is detonating C4 explosives.


explosion welded trimetal

This is the result

Cool enough so far, but what really makes this cooler stand out from the rest is the multiphasic cooling technology. Using a special liquid inside a hermetically sealed chamber the MP1120 can harness the heat transfer capability of the phase change from water to vapor, continuously.

Essentially what is happening is that heat from the CPU forces the heated fluid into the radiator area where it cools and drops back down to the CPU cooling chamber.

The thermal energy/dissipation figure in the multiphase technology can no longer be defined through the specific heat, as all energy is absorbed when the refrigerant changes its state from liquid to vapor (uptaking heat inside the evaporator), or absorbing heat by phase change from vapor to liquid (rejecting heat inside the condenser). It does not change the temperature of the substance.

The heat of vaporization for 1 Kilogram of Water equals 2,257 Kilojoules per Kilogram. That is simply the energy required to completely vaporize (boil) the 1 Kilogram or Liter of Water (H2O).

Effectively, even with the temperature rise of 1 degree that air and liquid cooling had to their advantage – Multiphase cooling is still 2000x more efficient than air cooling and 500x more efficient than liquid cooling.

500x more efficient than watercooling is quite amazing. In fact the multiphasic cooling is so efficient it will start to boil with just the heat from your hand.

Captherm MP1120 CPU cooler CES

And that’s not it, the RGB LED fan connects to your computer and changes color based on temperatures. You can even set it to blink when you get an email, facebook update or a tweet.


The MP1120 will support both Intel and AMD CPUs.

AMD: AM2/+, AM3 and FM1 and FM2/+
Intel: 1155, 1156, 775, 1366 and 2011

This is surely one of the coolest things I saw at the CES 2014. I very much look forward to trying it out for myself!

Both price and release date are still uncertain, but hopefully we will see it on the market soon, and when we do it will go for between $199 and $249.


Captherms booth at the CES 2014

Captherms booth at the CES 2014