Sony Ultra Short Throw 4K Projector

CES Sony 4k short throw projector
This big aluminum box is Sony’s new vision of the future. At his CES keynote, Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai explained that the vision behind this is more than a home entertainment system, it can also be a smart window switching views as often as you want it to, display relevant information and doing so with incredible clarity. To create that wow feeling that Sony aims to deliver.

Kazuo Hirai Sony CEO
It’s able to shoot an image 66″ to 147″ across (depending on the wall-to-projector separation) at a 4096 x 2160 resolution. There’s “3D support and Sony’s Triluminous display capabilities as well”. It has speakers on the back ‘bouncing’ the sound of the wall and towards the viewer. The idea behind it being so large (yep it’s that whole thing) is for it to become part of the furniture, and possibly also become your entire home entertainment center. It’s also promised to be super easy to set up.

Sony 4k short throw projector folds up

But it doesn’t come cheap at $30,000 when It’s released this summer.

Sony 4k short throw projector


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