Wicked Audio Deuce Headphones Review

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These are Wicked audios Deuce in ear headphones. They’re pretty ordinary in-ear headbuds, they come in 10 different colors, and all of them come with three different earbud cushion sizes. There’s a $9.99 version and a $14.99 version with a microphone and a button.
The packaging states that these headphones have sweet sound, but not awesome or killer. I’d have to agree, pretty sweet sound with good bass, but the sound could be clearer. Also they don’t leak much sound and  keep a considerable amount of noise out. Considering that they are only $9.99 they’re pretty good.


Wicked Audio: Deuce
Petite earbuds deliver punching sound and are offered in a plethora of colors

  • Miniature earbuds (20.33 mm x 12.4 mm) feature “almost illegal” sound and noise isolation feature
  • Packaged with 3 cushion options, offering a unique fit for everyone
  • Also available with vocal cord, allowing users to receive calls while rocking out
  • Crafted in 10 different color options including: Orange, Teal, Red, Purple, Yellow, and more

Available at: Select International Retailers
Price: $9.99 ($14.99 with Mic)
Website: www.wickedheadphones.com




Wicked audio also has many other headphones, check out their website!


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