Throwable 360° Panorama Camera Takes Pictures Mid-Air

squito throwable camera 740x416 300x168

This “camera-ball” is a fascinating idea. With cameras pointing at all angles and sensors to detect It’s orientation it takes a bunch of pictures while mid-air and then stitches them together into a 360 panorama. Not sure if it could handle it, but I’d love to throw this thing down a waterfall. They say It can be used for checking unsafe environments, in firefighting for example, but if you ask me It’s just a fun thing. So far it is just a prototype and not for sale.

Video below!

Our patented Squito and Darkball cameras, in development for manufacture and license, are throwable panoramic video camera balls with embedded orientation sensors, position sensors and high-speed, wide-angle cameras.

Squito is built on an extensible platform, customized for recreational sports, fly-through video, aerial POV, Steadicam®-free and dolly-free tracking.

Darkball is a throwable night/dark/smoke/fog reconnaissance camera, equipped for real-time wireless transmission of panoramic near IR and thermal video.