Look At This Self Expanding Electronic Table

First impression, wow amazing. This automatic table morphs itself into sections and then reassembles itself either to make the table bigger or smaller. Really, just have a look at the video.

DB Fletcher Designs, located in the United Kingdom, is a bespoke furniture maker known for their high quality craftsmanship. Perhaps their most famous product, the Capstan Table has been featured in numerous design and boating publications. Don’t be fooled by the ordinary looks of the table pictured at the right. With either the push of a button or a simple manual spinning motion (your choice), the custom made, handcrafted Capstan Table by DB Fletcher magically, and quite beautifully, doubles its seating capacity in a matter of seconds.
DB Fletcher makes only a handful of Capstan Tables every year, and each one is made exclusively to fit the buyers design specifications. So don’t be surprised to see the table’s price tag (which I’ll present later). DB Fletcher can make their Capstan Tables with marble, granite, glass, exotic wood, metal, or a combination thereof. Lighting systems can also be installed. As I mentioned above, DB Fletcher can make the Capstan Table operable electronically by infrared remote or manually.

Unfortunately you cant buy them anymore, since the firm that makes them.. are gone..