Top 5 Must Have Windows 8 Applications

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The newest operating system from Microsoft has steadily been gaining formidable positive responses from the market. Yes, it definitely takes a little getting used to, but it is certainly looking toward a successful year this 2013!

You may be wondering how different Windows 8 actually is from all the previous and more traditional Windows operating systems. Well, to point out there is one major factor that separates windows it from its predecessors… it’s optimized for touch! That’s right! Personal computing is moving toward touch based UIs and at quite a fast speed too! In fact, there are already several tablet PCs out in the market that are running on Windows 8. The future seems to be gearing out of the conventional keyboard and mouse era, and Windows 8 is ready for it!
Now that we know about the touch optimization of Windows 8, this leads us to wonder what apps could this innovation offer us, right? Well, here you have them! 5 must have applications for Windows 8!
Top 5 Windows 8 Apps
1. MetroTwit
To kick off the list, we start with MetroTwit! It is a Twitter client (quite obviously) that boots a simple interface and yet boasts of great features! In a nutshell, it gives you the full functionality of Twitter, allowing you to send and view tweets, send a reply, retweet and so much more. This app alone proves that social networking is definitely great for Windows 8.
2. AccuWeather
I was never really one for weather applications… that is until I downloaded AccuWeather! It provides the basic functions of any weather app, only it does it better and with more style! The graphical interface is really impressive and it even has a calendar that shows you an overview of the monthly weather.
3. TuneIn Radio
It is hard to imagine modern life without internet radio. It has become part of everyday life and even work. TuneIn radio provides you with a reach of over 70,000 radio stations and even allows you to search specifically what you are looking for. It’s a great app to get your mind relaxed as you go about your computing activities.
4. News Bento
News Bento is a great app that delivers information straight to your Windows 8 screen! It appears as tiles in your screen separating the different categories of news, allowing you to quickly browse them. If you see a topic that interests you then all you have to do is clock on that specific tile and voila! The great thing about this app is that as long as you have connectivity, you will have the most up to date info on what’s happening around the globe.
5. Netflix
What’s the best way to relax? Watching a movie, of course! Netflix hosts a wide array of films and series that will surely entertain you for countless hours. It has already gained popularity on iOS and Android platforms and is steadily doing so in Windows 8 as well. In short, Netflix has already proven why it is one of the best entertainment apps in the market today, and that alone is reason for you to give it a try!
These 5 apps are only a few of the incredible capabilities of the Windows 8 system. With developers quickly joining in on the parade of creating great apps, the future possibilities for Windows 8 and its users seem limitless!
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