How to use a Wii mote with Linux


Controll Linux computers with wii mote. Gadgets gadget news technology There are simple ways of controling windows desktops with a Nintendo Wii Remote, but i had never seen anything for Linux before this. So here it is XWii. Based on the Wiiuse library it lets you controll a Linux computer via bluetooth using a wii mote. I dont know about this one but on windows having a motion plus increased accuracy, so that might be plus. Remember this is very beta do not buy a wiimote for the sole purpose of using this. It’ a fun thing if you already have one though..  Read how

How it works:

It interprets signals from the Nintendo Wii Remote into X11 keyboard
and mouse input, allowing you to control all the programs on your
computer with the wiimote.

What you need to get started:

  • A bluetooth adapter that works under linux.
  • A Wii Remote (obviously).

What features of the Wii Remote are supported?

  • Supports all buttons on Wii Remote, Nunchuk, Classic Controller and Wii Guitar Hero 3 Controller
  • Map to keyboard keys (single or multiple, eg. Alt+F4), or map to system commands (external programs, scripts, etc.)
  • Supports mapping Classic Controller, Nunchuk and Guitar Controller joystick axes as keyboard keys (even the Guitar Controller’s whammy bar!).
  • Supports controlling mouse with Wii Remote accelerometers (tilt sensors).
  • Supports controlling the mouse via the Wii Remote’s Infra-Red pointing ability (requires Wii Sensor Bar or other dual Infra-Red light source).
  • Supports turning on the Wii remote LEDs
  • XWii now functions as a daemon, it will wait indefinately for a
    wiimote connection and you can disconnect and reconnect as much as you

I haven’t found on for MAC OSX yet, but if you know one leave a comment with a link, thx.