CubeX 3D Printer for Consumers

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This is a new 3D printer that was demoed at the CES, its meant to be easy and quick to use. And its seems very good, being able to print highly detailed things in color without any post processing necesseary.

•3D Systems (NYSE:DDD) launched its consumer 3D printing initiative one year ago at CES with – the ultimate online destination for all things 3D – and its popular consumer 3D printer, the Cube. Since its debut, Cubify has grown into a vibrant marketplace with established collections, independent artists and community members selling, buying and sharing 3D designs for Cubify cloud printing and at home printing. Cubify introduced its gamified 3D app platform with a collection of intuitive, useful and fun create-and-make apps for kids and adults ranging from toys and jewelry to customizable smart phone cases and collectibles. The Cube 3D printer was a hot item on holiday gift guides and was awarded “Easiest to Use” and “Most Reliable” by MAKE Magazine’s Ultimate 3D Printer Guide.

Improved Safety for the Home – Cube meets all IEC 60950 Printer Safety Requirements making it the only 3D printer certified for home use and safe for use by children.

-Only Desktop 3D Printer with Triple-Color Printing

-Largest in Category Print Volume – as Big as a Basketball

-Delivers Up to 2X Faster, Higher Definition Printing in 3 Modes

Cubify Video CES 2013

3D Systems has made 3D printing even easier to own and simpler to use by including 3 cartridges, 10 free prints and Cubify Invent design software – the only 3D design tool optimized for 3D printing, with every CubeX 3D printer. provides a platform for CubeX users to utilize, monetize and play with 3D printing for both professional and personal interests.


“We are proud to unveil the ultimate desktop 3D printer and to offer it on our consumer platform Cubify, where prosumers can work and play in one place without sacrificing their professional needs or desires for fun printing,” said Cathy Lewis, CMO, 3D Systems.  “We are excited to see the innovations that are sure to come from CubeX educators, entrepreneurs and serious 3D enthusiasts.”



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