Internet Service Connectivity Problems: Identified as one of Apple iOS6 Bugs

After Apple Company announced the release of their new iPhone 5, some practical individuals who would like to save from being into iPhone 5 fever are excited to the release of iOS6. Apple promised a new experience in the new iOS6 as it is equipped with a lot of surprises which includes the famous 3D maps and other functions that would maximize the functionality of the known Siri.

Then a tragedy devastated the expectations of the users. The iOS6 fail to provide a good and stable internet connection especially using the WiFi. It was noted that the bugs are most likely to affect iPhone 5 and iPad 3 units. It is also believed that this update really contradicted the policy of the company’s founder which is quality.

The statement of some of the underground engineers and programmers have nearly shaken the foundation of the iPhone company when they found out the problems and the impending doom that it may caused to iOS applications. Here are the lists of it:

Tweaked system

Engineers and programmers believed that what has caused the problem is the way programmers of the company tweaked some of the system especially in internet connectivity so that it can boost Wifi signal. However, little that they know, that the strategy will just cause the unit not to be supported by the latest Wifi routers. This can only be resolved if you will downgrade the firmware of your current router. This is not however a good idea to resolve the conflict because it would only mean that you can only use the phone in your own premises and not in public WiFi stations.

This situation affects the entire applications of the iOS 6. First to be affected is the capability of the phone to airplay. It is believed that airplay is powered by a WiFi signal. Without internet connection, the entire iCloud system will be affected. The next thing to be affected is the personal convenience of the user in times when the phone’s applications are needed to be updated via WiFi. Although tethering is much easier and faster compared to updating via WiFi, it is much convenient to just auto update everything with the use of the WiFi.

Battery life

Engineers and programmers believed that there is a direct connection between iOS 6 and the issues in battery drain. In some instance, they believe that iOS6 is a sucker for energy. However, in the latest report, it was found out that that iOS 6 Is indeed the culprit in battery drainage. For some reasons that we might not know, the only sure thing about this bug is that it will ruin the usability of an expected quality of smart phone.

The solution might not be so clear at the present. However, this can only be fixed if the company will provide a counter system that would save not only the users from the inconvenience but as well as to provide redemption for the Apple Company.

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