Apple did steal their notification system from Android, Google might have it patented!

The drag down notification field has always been one of Android’s top characteristics. This feature was actually designed by Swedish design studio TAT which later was acquired by Canadian RIM (Research In Motion), located behind the BlackBerry mobile phones.

Many android users have probably wondered why it is that Apple apparently copied Android’s notification system with the introduction iOS5. The two notification systems are so similar that some wondered if Apple actually paid money for the license to use the function or if Apple were encroaching on Google’s patents. I myself thought it was a very lame move from Apples side.

Now it appears that Google filed for a patent for their notification system as early as 2009. Things can move slowly in the world of patents and the application has not be granted yet.

If Google’s patent for the function is granted it would, in theory mean trouble for Apple. Eventually, the patent can then be used to balance out all the lawsuits on Android.