Sun umbrella with a built in fan

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Sometimes the simplest of gadgets are the most fascinating ones, and this is such a good example. This red umbrella might look like an ordinary umbrella but it’s more than that- it’s the Fanbrella Fanbrella is an Umbrella with a Fan Underneath. Underneath that UV-reflecting canopy is a motorized battery operated fan. Now you may be thinking, why would i need to cool off if it’s raining, but some people actually use umbrellas against strong sunlight.
fanbrella inside Fanbrella is an Umbrella with a Fan Underneath
The three blade fan gives you a refreshing downdraft on those hot days. The fan blades collapse along the shaft when the umbrella is closed so it’s no larger than a standard umbrella. It’s an umbrella that’s great for both hot and rainy days (or hot rainy days!) Buy it at Hammacher ($79)


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