Age Of Empires Online!   (thoughts)

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Age Of Empiers Online!
‘Age of empires online’ is newest game in the Age of empires series The game is currently in beta and has been for a while. I myself  tried  it when they released the beta keys on www.curse.com

The game is almost the same as the other games in the series only that you  have your own city that you have too level up  by doing missions and do conflict, the more battles and missions you do, the faster you can go up in level and to upgrade your army / city to take over the empire and become the greatest of them all.

When you get up to level 8, you can  take the first pvp missions and start meeting other players in large battles, but here’s the problem every battle i did lagged quite a lot so I got tired and quited after coming up to level 10  to the nature of lag. hopefully they  have  fixed the lag so the new gamers don´t stop at level 10 when the game goes live.
Age of Empires Online Will Be Available Worldwide on August 16th, 2011