iFixit's ipad 2 teardown, screens where shattered

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Ipad 2 inside view

The ipad 2 is here, and we all know what that means. Teradown! Here we get an inside look on the brand new apple tablet. But as the title says, it’s close to impossible to open it without breaking the screen, why dosen’t apple want us to open their products? First the flower screws on the iphone 4 and now the adhesive thing on the ipad2, oh well. Here is a video and some shots.

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  • Saxer20. Jul, 2012

    Hey, i was in a kinda hurry and tossed my television remote to my bed, but then it accidently hit my ipad 2 on the bottomright corner (4 centimetres to the left and 5 centimetres up). There has only appeared a scratch, but it suddenly stopped working. I tried to give it some electricity, but there is no respond at all. What is the problem and how can i fix it?

    • Johny21. Jul, 2012

      Hello there, i’d try holding both power and home for about a minute and see if it has any effect. Otherwise apple warranty seems like your best bet. Good luck :-)

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