Nex Star e-sata external HDD enclosure review

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When i got a SSD for my laptop i needed an external enclosure for my old 500gb harddrive, so i went lloking for one and found this. The Nex Star CX from vantec, so what’s special with this one? It is one of the few external 2.5 inch enclosures to have an e-sata port.

it was very light for a metal enclosure, also it looked a lot better outside the box than on the picture.
The e-sata’s 3gbs transfer speed reall does difference, before i had a sata to usb 2.0 and now it’s a heck of a lt faster than before. (usb 2.0 has a transfer speed of 480mbs)
When i had the hard disk inside my laptop it’s temperature was around 40C but in the enclosure it never rises over 25C, possibly due to the metal enclosure, but not even the encloure get’s warm. very good.
It’s quiet for an extrenal mechanical harddrive.
Kinda sucks that you need to use the usb for power even when you use e-sata for transef, but even that is understandable.
Also it’s good that the e-sata cable is included in the box.

Ultimately it’s a very good harddrive enclosure for 2.5 discs with e-sata, and for around 30$ it’s very much worth it!

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