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A few months ago, Aiptek released their T20 pico projector.  The projector features VGA (640 x 480) resolution, LED lamp system, and LCoS display technology.  The first thing that i noticed was the size, which is common for pico projectors. Even though the size of the T20 was impressive, the resolution was not. A problem that is partly due to its size is that the projector has no screen adjustment features other than a focus wheel. This means that in order to get a perfectly square picture you will have to keep your projector level. One of the good qualities is that the projector can connect using only a USB cable. This feature allows the T20 to connect to the computer and use it as both an energy source and an input source for media content. This gadget is incredibly portable.”

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As it costed only 900kr (100$) i thought why not and i bought it. As said before my first impression was “it’s tiny”. Also i like the fact that you don’t need any extra power source only two usb contacts.

but when i plugged it in to my computer things went differently..

Instructions where straight forward, plug it in and allow drivers to install automaticly then restart and switch to projection mode. But after a restart nothing happended so i thought i’d reinstall drivers. So for not too bad, but then after another install and restart i got the bluescreen of death…

So..  i tried on my school computer. and there it worked fine just install and switch to projection mode. It still dosen’t work on my main computer, i have no idea why but i guess theres not much too do.

Anyway, it’s good in relatively dark rooms at a size around 35-45 inch or less. But in bright rooms at sizes bigger than that it just dosen’t cut it. My opinion, if you want a pico projector for fun and don’t want to pay much this one is great, but it certanly dosen’t do much at 600×480.

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