Cool decal's from etsy, and a very generous seller

IMG 67062

Today i recieved some orders for my iphone 4 from etsy. One was a carbon back protector, and it really feels like carbon fibers. There is no telling the difference between this and “real” carbon. It’s really nice and was easy to put on.

I also got one of those classic rainbow apple stickers, and together these two look absolutely awesome. As you can see above they fit perfectly together, so i certainly do recomend them.

What more, i also got vinyl decals for the side of the iphone, and this seller was even generous to send me 4 of them and only charge for 1. I got this nice message from him/her wich you can see below. I recomend this as well as they look good and you certainly do get value for the money. Thank you for your generosity mr laptopstickershop.

Here are the sellers wich i mention in my post.

Flame decal (4 for 1) :D

Carbon back protection

Classic apple sticker (iphone size)