Just a Loop case for iphone, is just a loop

This must be the most minimalistic iphone case i have seen, it’s really just a band that you wrap around any iphone or other phone for that matter. It’s called the “just a loop” and goes for 10€ or 13$ for a four pack. My only worries, dosen’t it come of in your pocket? No actually it dosen’t:                                     [source]

Q: Is the loop elastic?

A: No, the loop is made of woven nylon rope. It has around 5% of stretch, but that’s not what is normally considered elastic.

Q: Why is loop not elastic?

A: Because loops from elastic materials don’t stay on the phone firmly enough. They easily slide / roll off when you pull the phone out of a pocket.


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Ambinient light, dedicated for gamers

These backlighting’s (similar to ambi light philips) are made for computer gamers, the idea is to light up the side of the screen with the color that is used the most on that side of the screen, you know. The ones selling it are madcatz, who are known to sell high quality gear at low prises, wich is awesome beacuse these lamps are based on an expensive technology called AMBX, Specs below. [source]


NZXT Bunker keeps your usb pheriphals safe

This is one of the best thing’s you can do with a 5.25″ space, it basically locks your usb connectors inside this box so that you can’t take them without a key.his device is installed in one of your 5.25” bays and gives you four USB ports. What it does is that there is a door that swings shut over the ports, and locking them in. There is just enough room for your cable to stick out, but not for the plug to come through Too bad i have a laptop, would be great for dreamhack, everybody hates getting their mouse stolen during a lan party.

4 USB Expandability
Durable locking door prevents stealing at public locations like LANs, Schools, etc
Sophisticated 20 Key lock system prevents users with the same device from unlocking your lock
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At a hospital in New Hampshire an alert to all patient’s was sent out telling them that their medical info might be compromised as they had found unusual activity on one of their server’s. Funny thing is the unusual activity was a dedicated black ops server. Why would anyone go that far for a lag free game? It gets even weirder, they didn’t actually take ANY of the information already on the servers, now that’s true gaming spirit.

According to a spokesperson from the security company brought in by the medical group, the breach was discovered “after an admin noticed a loss of bandwidth.” It is believed that the hackers didn’t do anything other than abuse the servers to host Black Ops games, but a thorough investigation is being conducted

First wireless graphics card

Why would you have a wireless graphics card? might you ask. Appearantely you can get white noise from having the computer to close to the screen, also if you need to have you’re computer further away this is a good solution. i think it’s kind off useless but it’s a cool idea, not very usefull untill we also have wireless electricity. Kfa2’s gtx 460 has 5 antennas that can send uncompressed 1080p signals (without latency?) up too 100feet away.


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