How Big Is Rosettas Comet 67p?


After more than 10 years travelling 6.4-billion kilometres on a road trip around the solar system, the spacecraft Rosetta has “arrived” at its destination, a distant comet named 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko.

About 7pm local time on Wednesday, the European Space Agency’s comet chaser came within 100 kilometres of the surface of Comet 67-P, which is hurtling around the Sun at up to 135,000km/h.

Meanwhile we wait for scientific data here are some interesting size comparisons with Comet 67p that have surfaced on the internet recently. (more…)


Can A Monkey Own The Copyright To Its Own Selfie?

ape selfie
According to Wikipedia it can. This monkey snatched the camera from a photographer and snapped a few random pictures, including this one.
The image ended up on a wikipedia page, this apparently upset the photographer and he sent a takedown request. Wikipedia denied the request on the grounds that the monkey owns the copyright to the photo.


Withings Pulse O2 Review


Withings Pulse O2 is a fitness device not unlike the Fitbit One. But it has many interesting features which no other smartwatch of this type can offer.

It allows you to track steps, stairs, kilometers, calories etc. It also has a sleep monitoring function and works great when used as a watch. But the most interesting feature is the pulse and blood oxygen level monitoring function. Check it out:



Spotify For iOS Finally Gets An Equalizer


Spotify users with an iPhone have been waiting a very long time for a built in equalizer. Yesterday they finally released an update that includes a graphic equalizer. (more…)


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