Can A Laser Pop A Balloon Underwater?

Powerful lasers are able to pop balloons on land with ease, but does the same work under water?

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The Samsung Galaxy S5: Bigger Is Better?

 galaxy s5 and iphone 5

The concept of bigger being better—or more loosely, that “size matters”—is one that applies to a variety of things in our modern society, especially when we’re talking about technology. When smartphones became more ubiquitous in nature in the mid-to-late 2000s, thanks to companies like Apple, the aforementioned adage appeared ancient. Here we had a series of products, particularly the (almost-extinct) iPods and iPhones, that continued to shrink in size with the release of each upgraded device. But now, it looks like the tides could be turning back to size’s favor. And if not that, then they’re at least trying to find a middle ground that will ensure we can keep everything in our pockets while getting the biggest screen possible.

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Volvo Testing Delivery Service Directly To Your Parked Car

In Sweden, Volvo has together with Bring delivery service been testing a new concept. They deliver your packages to your parked car, when the delivery person presses a button on a smartphone or tablet, Volvo unlocks the car via its On Call technology. Afterward the car relocks and sends the owner confirmation that the delivery is complete. Before the package is delivered you get a message asking if you will accept car delivery for this package.

“Many people work or lead hectic lifestyles,” says Klas Bendrik, chief information officer at Volvo Car Group. “Deliveries to the car would save time and money.” Not to mention unnecessary stress and disappointment.


Using Sound To Levitate And Move Things In Three Dimensions

ultrasonic 3d levitation
Japanese researchers have developed a way of not only levitating, but also moving objects three dimensionally using sound waves.
The device uses four arrays of speakers to make soundwaves that intersect at a focal point that can be moved up, down, left, and right using external controls.
And to human ears the device is completely quiet, as it uses ultrasound.

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Playing with RC cars is fun, but now the ESA is taking it to a whole new level. They are planning to try controlled robots on earth from the International Space statiion, in real time! And in order to do this they also had to develop the worlds most advanced joystick. It’s so big you have to mount it on your body. And It aims to be so sensitive as to simulate the feel of touch.

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