Researchers Attempt To Recreate The Holodeck

holodeck real life
And they have done a pretty good job at it. Using an Oculus Rift, a 3D motion tracking system, and modern computing power they have created an impressive virtual environment. Their system seems to be the best one yet, with an impressive response time as well as the classic holodeck feature, fooling you that a small room is enormous. You can walk through this environment for days without realizing that you are actually walking in circles.

Check it out


Technology Of The Future With Michio Kaku

In this documentary physicist Michio Kaku goes over our technological advances and gives you a glimpse into the possible future of technology.


Entire History Of The World In Two Hours

This documentary attempts to squeeze in as much of known history as possible, and it does it quite well. Check it out


Clever Tesla Registration Plate

This clever Tesla plate was spotted in Pennsylvania last week. Pretty funny


Equalizer iPhone 5/5s Case

equalizer phone case gif


This iPhone case has an LED equalizer on the back. The case is powered by it’s own battery and reacts to sounds around it via a microphone.  Pretty cool, although the part on the top seems to make it unnecessarily bulky.



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