This Ring Scans Text And Reads It Aloud For The Visually Impaired

This oversized ring uses a camera to read regular text aloud for blind people. Just put it on and draw your finger over the text as if it was regular braille. The ring has haptic vibrations so you know when you’re pointing at a line of text. This thing will even translate the text for you if you are reading something in a foreign language. My eyesight is fine, but I still want one..

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Creator Of OnLive Wants To Put An End To Overloaded 4G Networks

The creator of OnLive has apparently moved on to a completely different field. His new goal is to fix the terribly overflooded mobile connection in the US. If you’ve ever tried 3G/4G in the US you know what I mean. It’s terrible. But it doesn’t have to be. A demonstration to the New York Times showed Netflix HD and 4K videos streaming to at least a half dozen devices in the same room over a local LTE network, a feat the company said would be impossible on current networks. There’s no word from any US carriers about any plans to adopt the tech, but Verizon did say that it was aware of it. In the meantime, Artemis said large scale tests will start in San Francisco later this year, with a commercial launch by the end of 2014. Surprisingly late considering South Korea already has similar technologies in use and is also working on 5G networks.

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Nokian Working On Tires With Retractable Studs

Nokian Tyres has announced the development of a winter tire with retractable studs. If you’re driving and suddenly see a patch of snowy road, just press a button and the studs come out. Then you can retract them again once you’re clear. An incredibly good idea which will save both lives and reduce the tear on roads.
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Steve Jobs Coffee In Apple Cup, Why?

steve jobs i-cup

Of all the odd things I’ve seen on the internet this makes at least the top 100. No matter how much of an Apple fanboy you might be, why would you want to drink Steve Jobs? There’s even an Apple spoon. Oh well, humans are odd creatures.


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photofast i-flashdrive HD

This is a pretty nifty device, a USB drive for your phone. It works with iPhone 4, iPhone5/s, iPad and Android devices with a micro USB connector. It’s the only device of its kind that is Apple certified. This means that when you connect it to your iPhone it will automatically ask you if you want to download/start the i-flashdrive app. So it’s very easy to use.


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