Researchers Create $0.50 Microscopes Made Of Paper

Researchers at Stanford have designed a foldable microscope out of paper. When I first saw this I didn’t think a cheap paper microscope could actually be of any use, turns out these things can magnify up to 2,000x. Which is what scientific microscopes usually do. The purpose of this cheap microscope is to make it easier to diagnose  malaria. Especially in places where hospitals can’t afford ‘real’ microscopes this is going to be a huge life saver, as explained in the video. But this is clearly also a great step towards popularizing science, even schools in third world countries can afford one of these. (more…)

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Mogees Turn Anything Into An Instrument


It’s a tiny vibration speaker, it’s purpose is to make music, with anything. you stick it onto any surface you like and it allows you to make music with it. Check out the video to see what I mean


Talk about having too much time on your hands. This thing circulates 100,000 toy cars every hour through a vast network of 18 tracks. The creator Chris Burden calls it an artwork, although I think he might be putting a bit too much meaning into his toycar track, it’s pretty cool.
To get an idea of just how big it is, look at the picture, there’s a person standing in the middle of it.
You can see it on exhibition at the Los Angeles Museum of Art, or in the video below.


Can A Laser Pop A Balloon Underwater?

Powerful lasers are able to pop balloons on land with ease, but does the same work under water?

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The Samsung Galaxy S5: Bigger Is Better?

 galaxy s5 and iphone 5

The concept of bigger being better—or more loosely, that “size matters”—is one that applies to a variety of things in our modern society, especially when we’re talking about technology. When smartphones became more ubiquitous in nature in the mid-to-late 2000s, thanks to companies like Apple, the aforementioned adage appeared ancient. Here we had a series of products, particularly the (almost-extinct) iPods and iPhones, that continued to shrink in size with the release of each upgraded device. But now, it looks like the tides could be turning back to size’s favor. And if not that, then they’re at least trying to find a middle ground that will ensure we can keep everything in our pockets while getting the biggest screen possible.

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