Interactive LED Beer Pong Table

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If you like beer pong this interactive beer pong table is almost a must have. To be honest, even if you don’t like beer pong you might want one after watching the video. It’s …

Camera Powers Itself From The Same Light It Uses To take Photos

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An idea that sounds absolutely amazing. This camera uses the same light that hits it’s sensor to both take a picture and power itself. The concept developed at Columbia University combines a camera image sensor’s …

Antec VSP-5000 Sound Dampening Computer Chassis Review

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Antec recently released the VSP-5000, or as it’s called in the US P70 chassis, at first glance a pretty discrete, sleek looking case. But it also has a few pretty cool features, with focus …

The Lunar Rover Named After Carl Sagan

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This lunar rover is called ‘Sagan’, after the american astronomer Carl Sagan. It is part of Google’s X-Prize contest.

Watching The Symbols Get Laser Etched Into A Keyboard Is Highly Satisfying

1 year ago / 1 comments

Like the title says, very satisfying, I could watch this forever. Also now you know how they make the symbols transparent for backlit keyboards, if that wasn’t already obvious.

Solar Powered Electric Bike

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The picture really says it all, the solar cells on charge a battery, which can later power the onboard motor. Making it a 100% green electric bike, allowing you to pedal when you want …