Watch A Laser Tear Through 100 Balloons In One Shot

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Lasers can be used for many things, measurement, drilling, surgery, projectors and more. But they can also be a lot of fun, in this video you get to see a powerful blue laser pop 100 balloons in a row.

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  • Scott Williams22. Nov, 2013

    My question is why do the balloons burst in sequence? Why not all at the same time? I thought a laser beam was a concentrated ray of light, and that light travels at what appears to us as instantaneous speed. So I would have predicted that all balloons would have popped simultaneously. Do you know the answer?

    • Johny24. Nov, 2013

      The delay is because of the time it takes the laser to heat the balloon to its melting point.

    • Mike29. Dec, 2013

      The full intensity of the beam only affects the closest balloon to the laser.

    • Anonymous10. Apr, 2014

      While traveling to the balloon at a seemingly infinite pace, it takes a finite amount of time to burn through a layer of plastic. It happens quickly but if you use a magnifying glass in sunlight to light something on fire it doesn’t happen instantly, the material being hit with the light still needs to heat up.

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