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These Stripes Show Climate Trends for Every Country in the World

4 weeks ago / 0 comments

These stripes represent the average temperatures in a location of your choosing. Each stripe is a year and blue stripes are cooler than usual while red ones are hotter than usual.

MIT's Thermoelectric Wristbands Regulates Your Body Temperature For You

6 years ago / 0 comments

Researchers at MIT have come up with something incredible, a bracelet that regulates your body temperature. Literally meaning that this wristband replaces your AC, your heating system and even your jacket. Wristify, as they …

This Iphone cover changes color depending on temperature

8 years ago / 0 comments

Kind of like a mood ring this iphone back cover changes color depending on the temperature. This self-adhesive laser cut backing will change colors in the range 90 to 95 degrees F – or …