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Lifeproof iPhone 5 Nüüd Case Review

6 years ago / 5 comments

We have written about Lifeproof’s super durable phone cases before. This is the Nüüd case for iPhone 5, the newer version. The difference between this one and the regular Lifeproof case is that there …

Clever Light Up iPhone Cases

6 years ago / 1 comments

As you may know iPhones can blink their LED when there’s an incoming message, i always thought that feature was kind of pointless. But here’s the accessory that will make it an awesome feature. …

Lifeproof nüüd iPad Case Review

6 years ago / 0 comments

I’ve previously tried Lifeproofs iPhone cases, i literally couldn’t destroy them. And trust me I’ve tried. So could you possibly get the same awesome protection for your iPad? Turns out the answer is yes.

Wrappz Custom iPhone 5 Case Review

6 years ago / 0 comments

Wrappz.com offers a wide selection of cases and skins for a multitude of devices. I’ve tried their custom case for iPhone 5, you can see the result above. While there are many service like …

The 100% biodegradable Iphone case!

7 years ago / 1 comments

What happens to iphone cases when you are done with them? Let me tell you one thing, they don’t degrade, they just lie there unless you recycle them. These guys however have the solution! …