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Nvidia Uses AI To Simulate High-speed Slo-mo from Regular Video

3 years ago / 0 comments

These samples from Nvidia are faked slow motion videos. What that means is they were created from regular FPS speed camera footage. The technology works similar to how a modern TV …

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Next PlayStation features AMD GPU, x64 8core CPU

9 years ago / 2 comments

The information you’re about to read comes from official Orbis documentation, a hive of more than 90 PDFs about the forthcoming console. These documents indicate that the next generation playstation will …

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Sony reveals laptop with external GPU

10 years ago / 15 comments

Sony has just revealed that they will be pushing a new line of Vaio Z laptops. The specs reveal a 13.1-inch “ultramobile” notebook that comes in at under 1.2kg with a …

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Psp phone leaks, now with a non plastic looking picture

11 years ago / 1 comments

The playstation phone from sonyericsson, with gingerbread, snapdragon 1ghz, qualcomm gpu and 512mb of ram yest no word from sony. There have been many rumors about thi device on the internet, …

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