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Google is mapping the Amazon jungle in 3D

10 years ago / 1 comments

Google has for a long time offered a cool 3d view of most parts of the world. But there are places where the google street view car just cant go. This …

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Simplest and best must have ios apps list

10 years ago / 3 comments

Got an idevice recently? or just like apps? Then you may be wondering What Are The Best Apps? tilt to live,  crystal defender’s,  the creeps,  burn the rope,  itd pro,  shift …

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This 3D iphone accessory will revolutionize iphone gaming one day!

10 years ago / 0 comments

Whoa. While you can’t actually buy this i3DG peripheral for your iPhone yet, I’m already imagining playing 3D games created especially for it. Oh god i can’t wait till this comes …

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where's your god now?

11 years ago / 0 comments

There are many arguments why god dosent exist, and why religion is fake. But this is the best i’ve seen so far, “It just dosent work!” And well anything that dosent …

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