Summary of whats going on with the internet right now, Protect IP

8 years ago / 3 comments

Blacklist bill, Protect IP act, SOPA. What exactly is going on? UPDATE: Full Bill Summary added! There is a big hype on the internet about the US government trying to censor, …

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What on Earth is China Building in the Middle of the Desert?

8 years ago / 4 comments

Mysterious Structures in the desert can be seen on satellite images, what are the Chinese are up to anyway? The internet has been speculating over the pictures that show remarkable buildings …

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Hacking Siri The Automated Voice Command Service

8 years ago / 2 comments

If you tried Siri on an iphone 4s you probably wondered how long till this gets hacked. Maybe for use with iphone 4, ipod or even a standard PC. Well its …

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Why Adobe killed Flash for Iphone & Android

8 years ago / 0 comments

Adobe’s chief of developer relations Mike Chambers thinks the company didn’t do a good enough job explaining why it’s stopping work on Flash for mobile Web browsers. So he took to …

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Why The Bubbles In Guinness Go Downwards

8 years ago / 1 comments

In all carbonated beverages bubbles are known to go upwards, in the beer Guinness this is strangely not the case. Recently the secret was uncovered as to why bubbles go down …

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