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Internet Access as a Human Rights Issue

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Is Internet access a human right? Many people and organizations seem to think so. In July and August 2012 the Internet Society conducted online interviews of more than 10,000 Internet users in 20 countries. …

EcoDriving/Hypermiling, Save Money By Changing Your Driving Style

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This article first appeared on Scientific Literacy Matters EcoDriving, the art of driving a certain way in order to conserve fuel. It all comes down to an understanding of physics and how a car …

Why Encryption Is Absolutely Necessary to Digital Freedom

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Encryption has, and always will be, inseparable from digital freedom. It is the one safeguard that protects our data from theft and the best means of defense in a world free from crippling regulations. …

Mobile Gadgets That Have Become Inseparable Part of Every Youth’s Life in Singapore

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[Sponsored post]   This is an age of mobile devices. Not only mobile phones, but arrays of different types of gadgets which can be carried wherever you go and can perform wide range of …

Reasons To Upgrade To Windows 10 Infographic

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Still not sure about Windows 10? This infographic outlines a few pros and cons. Windows 10 Tips and Tricks. An infographic by the team at Secure Data Recovery Services

Comic Con Copenhagen 2016

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Gadgetzz attended this years Comic Con in Copenhagen. Here is our experience: