Xbox & Playstation Controller Coffee Tables

These handmade coffee tables are a gamers living room dream.

There’s a strange price difference between the Xbox and Ps3 version. But you can get the Xbox one for roughly $1500 and the Playstation version for $3200 on Etsy. Oddly enough the Xbox versions looks more well made in my opnion, the PS3 version however was the first design so the final product might be improved.

Pretty pricey but ot’s certainly a unique item that will impress your gamer friends.

From the creator:

My original design patterned after the Playstation 3 gaming controller. The entire piece is constructed from 3/4″ Birch plywood. It features a custom cut 1/2″ tempered glass top with polished edge. The fold down door, opens to a roomy storage area for games, controllers, etc… High quality vinyl decals applied on buttons. 3/4″ clear, Polycarbonate rod used to support front. This is my most complex piece to date. A heavy, solid piece of furniture est. 100 lbs. Finished in flat black with a matte clear final coating to seal and protect.

Xbox Product page

Playstation Product page