How to cheat in Borderlands 3 / BL3 Mods

borderlands 3 cheats

There are many reasons why one might want to cheat in Borderlands 3. But for me it was simply that after some time the game stops scaling properly. I was playing true vault hunter mode (more difficult version of story unlocked after completing game) at mayhem lvl 10. The enemies kept getting harder, but the weapon drops never got better, ever. So I tried using cheat engine to balance things out a bit more.

Not because it was impossible to defeat the enemies at that level, but because it took ages. Well you can see how long it took to kill an enemy with my modified weapon..

So how do you cheat in
Borderlands 3?

With these methods you can modify weapons, shield and health, movement speed, get free skill points, skeleton keys and mayhem points, and more..

Method 1

I have found two methods. The first and best uses Cheat Engine. A piece of software that can read the RAM memory of a running program and then modify values.

Note that I tried this on the Steam version so I don’t know if it will work on the Epic version.

To cheat in BL3 using Cheat Engine you need to download some scripts for it. Because looking up the values yourself would take ages, and some scripts are required to find the values of dynamic things such as your currently equipped weapon

Download Cheat Engine here:

You can find said scripts here:

Method 2

This method is super easy to use, but also offers less options.

You just download a program called WeMod. The program has variables for Borderlands 3 out of the box

So just select Borderlands 3 from the list on the right. Then use WeMod to start the game. Once in the game you can start experimenting with the various cheats it offers.

Here’s another video of me using a modded weapon. I also demonstrate my maxxed out skill tree. Which is usually not possible.

It’s worth mentioning that if you add money, skeleton keys, skill points, or mayhem points they stay there there permanently. Whereas weapon mods do not stay modified after a crash or restart.

There are also cheat table for cheat engine available online for Borderlands, Borderlands 2 and Borderlands pre sequel.