Top Prank Call Applications for Android Users

Today prank calls are not the popular medium that they once used to be. Today we live in a sensitive society, and the presence of caller IDs and the legal implications that a prank call might bring have greatly affected the prank calls’ popularity. However, despite that, there is still a loyal fan base for prank calls. If you are one of them, there are a bunch of applications that can help you with it. Let us take a look at some of the best Android prank calls.  

AndroidRock Voice Changer

If you are looking for one of the best prank calls, then AndroidRock Voice Changer can be your go-to option. Ruby, an associate who offers online java homework help services, says that she loves the AndroidRock Voice Changer app for the myriad of voice modulations that it provides. Well, yes, this application presents you with a multitude of different ways to modulate and change your voice. It is a free application, but that also means that there will be a lot of ads. The application has over two dozen effects, and you can easily record them to streamline future playback. More so, the application also allows you to include the audio effects that were previously recorded by you. The thing is, this application does not make it easy for you to make a prank call. However, what you can do is pre-record a couple of responses, and you can easily pull off a prank. 

Automatic Call Recorder

As is clear from the name, Automatic Call Recorder does precisely that. The application records the phone calls, which you can playback later on. It is beneficial for both business and personal usage. However, the application can also come in handy when you have to make some prank call. So, what you can do is record the calls and play them later for the sake of some harmless fun. The application supports both Dropbox and Google Drive backups. Though the basic version of the application is free, the pro version does seem a bit pricey and will cost you around 6.99 USD. However, it does provide you with some excellent customization features. 

Fake Call Prank

This is indeed one of the most different kinds of prank call applications. Nora, an educator who offers C programming assignment help services, says that Fake Call Prank is a brilliant prank calling application and has been a savior in many social gatherings. Do not understand what Nora means? Let us explain it further to you. See, in the Fake Call Prank application, you can schedule a fake call. So, the time when your call is scheduled, you will receive the call, just as any other regular call from one of your contacts. It can be incredibly helpful for you when you have to excuse yourself from a social gathering or if you just want to mess around with your friends. The app gives you an option to customize the caller settings. So, you can set the picture, name, and number of the caller. You can also use some of the presets, such as pizza or police. There is also an option to give this call a custom ringtone. Alternatively, you can even record a voice, which will playback when you receive the call. When we tested this application, it worked well. The good thing is it is a free application. So, it is truly worth a try. However, bear in mind, it does have some advertisements.


Next in line, we have the JokesPhone application. In the application, you can find several pre-recorded prank calls. All you have to do is make a call, and the application will cater to the prank for you by itself. Since every prank call is made via a third-party service, it is not traceable and cannot be seen on your mobile device. The unique thing about this application is that all the calls are recorded. So, you can always play them back. Like your regular calls, the calls you make via the app also involve paying for the calls. However, in this case, the cost of the calls is a little higher. Please know that this application will not come in handy if the call goes to voicemail. Sadly, even then, you will lose your call credit. Beyond that, it is a great application. If you do not know already, there is another application, which, in every sense, is a replica of this application. Yes, we are talking about the Juasapp. As both these applications are more or less the same, you can use either one of them. This one is a free application, but you will have to pay for the in-app purchases. 


Brent, who offers mobile application development coursessays that this all-time favorite prank call application is the MyPhoneRobot. Well, it is indeed one of the popular Android prank calling applications. This one is a free app and does come with many in-app purchases. In the application, you can find some pre-recorded messages. Though free, please know that you will have to make payments for placing the calls. The application records all your prank calls. So, you can certainly play them later for harmless fun. Honestly, there is nothing very unique or absurd about the app, but it does what it promises. However, you must know that the call credits can be a bit expensive, and the recorded messages are a hit/miss. But, it does what you seek and also hides the phone number. 

Voice Changer by Baviux

Donna, who offers online java tutoring services, says that one of the best voice changing prank call applications is the Voice Changer by Baviux. The application has about four dozen effects and a myriad of additional features. In the application, you can create images with sound, record voices, and do a lot more. The good thing is you can also share everything created by you on WhatsApp and Facebook. More so, there is also a feature that lets you create the voices from the written text. However, that may not work very well as the voices generated do seem more robotic and less human. This application works phenomenally well in combination with applications, such as the Fake Call Prank. So, you can record yourself, then set in a Fake Call, and use the pre-recorded message to make the people around you feel as if you are communicating with someone. This is free to download application, and for people with Google Play Pass, the app is free to use. For others, there is a small fee of 2.99 USD. 

Ownage Pranks

They have accumulated nearly 5 Million Youtube subscribers, 2.4M+ Facebook followers and collected over 1 billion video views digitally through hilarious pranks. Apart from our social media platforms, they also have a prank-calling app available free of download on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. You can choose from a vast selection of their awesomely-written pre-made scripts. What’s more? Professional voice actors perform these to make the prank calls more convincing!