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We humans have our racial, sectional, and cultural differences, but, there’s one aspect where we share a common ground: depending on water for our survival.

Not only does every human possess the right to water, but also, as declared by the UN in September 2010, having an access to purified water and sanitation forms an integral part of the “adequate standard of living.”
And why shouldn’t it? Studies have concluded that 70% of our body constitutes of water. Intake of pure water helps to filter out toxins, enhance our complexion, encourages weight loss, reduce headaches and assist in digestion.

That said, do you still think you can risk your intake of water?
We wouldn’t, and hence, we recommend the use of water filters which remove all sort of toxins present and aid in improving the taste significantly.


While we are at it, we consider it crucial for you to discover the types of water filters up for grabs. Each one of them is relevant to their use, and we are here to help you navigate through the waters!


If you have limited space, then this type of filter should do you fine. Even though it requires you to carry out some plumbing alterations, it saves you a lot of space by occupying the space beneath the cabinet. Primarily, it is essential for filtering out an ample amount of water at a time. So, if you are short on space and need a substantial amount of water filtered out in a single go, then you can bet on this reliable filter system.


Most of us prefer to explore the easy way out, in such a case, under counter filters are what we want to put our bucks on. When a filter only requires you to detach the screw from the threaded tip, and screw it on your filter, who would want to miss out on it? Additionally, it can filter out just as much water as the above type, only that it can function without the need for any plumbing changes. On the downside, it tends to clog your counter a bit.


Similar to the under counter filters, you can install them the same way. This makes them user-friendly, reliable and easy to work with. However, they might offer a slow process, but they are guaranteed to improve your water’s taste by 20%!

These types are the most popular ones among the customers. Now narrowing down the right one primarily depends on your budget and your needs. Below we have two examples of the best water filters, that we believe stand-out among all others.


If you have a big family to take care of, you need a heavy-duty water filtration system like APEC’s. It comes as an under-sink water filtration system as it constitutes of three different stages of purification.



The filters has been claimed and reviewed as a high quality water filtration system. As a part of their statement, they have been designed and manufactured in the USA. The engineers ensured to use high capacity filters which offer long-lasting years and durability.


These, FDA certified filters, come with hundred percent lead-free faucet that is bound to eliminate all sort of toxins including chlorine, odors, taste, etc. and bring it to your glasses as numerous drops of hundred percent chemical-free water.


The first stage is a 10 inch large capacity polypropylene sediment filters that pulls out dust, rust and other particles. The second stage is a ten inch carbon block filter that extrudes chlorine, taste, odors, cloudiness, VOCs and other harmful chemicals swimming in your water. The third stage is also similar to the second one and performs the same function to perfect it.


The filters are guaranteed to last for at least over twelve months straight. While filtering out the toxins, it ensures to not waste any of your water and provide you with safe and healthy water for family.

⦁ Replacement of filters is needed after a year.
⦁ 3-staged filter system.
⦁ Has a great water flow.

⦁ Expensive.

If this filter comes under your budget, then the reviews say it- you want to play a dice on this one. If not, then we also have something less expensive for you. Scroll down!


Our second choice is PUR’s filtration system that is more than just style. When function and fashion combines, you get this unit. For all the customers tight on budget, we assure you, this is your best bet!


Coming for only under $25, this filter includes an LED indicator which alarms you whenever you need a filter replacement (usually after two or three months). Being easy to install, replacing the filter is no way a strenuous task.


The filters have been certified to eliminate over seventy contaminants, which include the removal of lead up to 99%. In a single go, it filters out hundred gallons of water. No matter which route your water has come through, PUR’s filter will ensure to eradicate all the harmful residents of it.


We know how it may have clicked to go for mineral water bottles than to buy a whole filtration system. However, results have proved this system to save up to $1000 per year in contrast to bottled water.

⦁ Affordable.
⦁ Qualified to the “best sellers” label.
⦁ Stylish and eye-catching.
⦁ Easy installation.

⦁ Replacement needed too soon.


The above examples are from renowned brands that we trust for ourselves. If you want to protect yourself and your family, depending on your budget, these filtration systems are a bang for your buck.
The reviews reflect their efficiency and their quality performance. Whether buy these or some other, just make sure you have one because money always comes after health.

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