Lexus Has Made Functioning Wheels Made Of Ice

As a PR stunt Lexus has created wheels made of ice, and the insane part is that they work.

The tires were created in London by a team of four ice sculpting experts from Hamilton Ice Sculptors

You’ll note the team sculpted down to the very fine details of the wheels, including even the tire treads and the full rims. Each ice wheel took 36 hours to make.

In-wheel LED lighting adds an extra glowing dimension to the crystal clear wheels, the clarity of which was achieved by sculpting them using ice frozen from softened, moving water.

Acrylic parts were inserted into the wheels to make sure the ice could actually hold the weight of the car, which weighs nearly 2 tons.

The entire car was also cooled to freezing temperatures before fitting the ice wheels.

A Pretty damn impressive PR trick for sure.