BMW Cars Will Get A Feature That Predicts When Traffic Lights Will Change

bmw enlighten


BMW wants their future cars to be able to tell you when traffic lights are going to change. A pretty cool gimmick, but it can also be incredibly helpful, knowing how much time you have before the yellow light turns red. Some pedestrian lights alreadfy have this feature, but for drivers it’s all up to instinct. But not, for much longer.

BMW will use the EnLighten iOS app, which predicts when lights will change based on position and speed. This is what it says on their App store page:

Using real-time signal information and position information from GPS and cell signals, EnLighten notices when drivers stop at a red light. It then uses Green Driver’s proprietary technology to predict when that light will change. If it can predict, it tells them. Then, just before the light turns green, a chime warns the driver to get ready.

However as you can see here, the BMW version will be slightly different. Less able in fact, but presumably more accurate.

When you are out of EnLighten for BMW Apps’ coverage area, the home screen will be replaced with the “Out of Coverage Area” screen.

Because BMW and Connected Signals are still conducting evaluations, not all cities accessible from the EnLighten app are currently accessible when connected to BMW Apps.

If you are in an area not yet served by the BMW Apps version, please use EnLighten directly on your phone.

Either way it’ll be cool for the BMW users that will be able to use it, certainly more convenient than using the app. However in case you are most people, you can just download the app here.