Makey Makey GO: Turn Anything Into A Button

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makey makey go
Kickstarter has opened up the doors for some exciting and unusual gadgets. This device for example let’s you turn anything into a button. Now why you might want to turn a Donut into a button I don’t know. But clearly there are some interesting applications here…

Examples of potential uses include a Slip’N Slide that takes a photo as you zoom past, a donut spacebar, a dog bed that initiates a Skype call and a foil sword game that counts the number of times you hit an opponent. If you have an idea that requires more than one button, you just plug in another stick.

The Makey Makey Go is based on the original Makey Makey, but it now comes with an Arduino for even more applications.
As I’m writing this it has gotten $20,999 pledged of the $10,000 goal. But you can still get one, and for only $19. So check it out if this seems like something for you

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