Worlds Smallest Wireless Earbuds

This is pretty clever, earbuds that charge themselves in the inluded storage capsule. The two earbuds work together as one Bluetooth headphone, without attachments or any cables whatsoever. Pretty neat.
The entire solution is the two tiny earbuds, powered by high-density rechargeable batteries, the stash case that charges them but is also small enough to hang on your keychain and a USB cable for recharging the stash case battery. Pair your Earin with your phone, put them in your ears and enjoy your music. And suppossedly the sound is very good too, the balanced armature speakers that Earin uses are more commonly found in pro in-ear monitors and hearing aids.

06e61990df7cba00851d227c1f888226 You can also use just one of them at a time, while the other is charging.

They come for a hefty price tho, $199. And unfortunately they are currently all sold out for pre-order.

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