This Quadcopter Turns Into A Jet Midair

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aeroplane drone
This drone can transform from a quadcopter style drone into an airplane like drone in mid air. Giving you the best of both worlds from quadcopters and model airplanes.

Vertical take off and landing but yet speed unrivaled by other drones. A very cool idea.

It can follow you or pre set coordinates using GPS, just like any modern drone. Also it has a really clever stabilizer for your camera. There’s also the option to remove the wings and use it just like a regular drone.

Now comes the plot twist. They intend to one day turn this concept into a passenger sized airplane drone!
And well, yeah.. I want one, way more than the small version.
skycruiser passanger drone plane quadcopter

It has already reached and surpassed it’s funding goal on kickstarter. But at this time there are still 25 days to go.