Intocircuit Power Mini Portable Charger Review

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The Into Circuit Power Mini is a portable battery with 3000mah capacity. I’ve been trying it for a few weeks now and this is my conclusion:

It feels incredibly nice in your hand since t’s made of metal all around. It’s fairly heavy, but so much as to be an inconvenience, it actually feels very expensive and sturdy. So far it doesn’t even have a scratch, and you can tell that this thing can take a beating. It’s also small enough to fit nicely in our pocket.

Product Dimensions: 4.9 x 3.2 x 1 inches ; 1.6 ounces

It has a 1A charging USB, which means it’s not a very fast charger, most wall chargers have 2A. Despite being a slight con, most portable chargers only have 1A ports.
The device itself is charged via a micro USB cable which is included.IMG_5719

It features 3 indicator LED’s to let you know how much power is left and when the unit is charging or discharging.
What surprised me most however is the built in LED flashlight. It’s surprisingly bright and is activated by pressing twice on the button. Because of the shape of the battery it really feels like a flashlight, making it more convenient to hold than when I use the built in light on my phone. This is probably the feature that is necessary to make sure you don’t just forget the gadget at home.IMG_5720

IMG_5721After trying it for a while I’m quite pleased with it. It charges my iPhone 5s to a full charge when empty, or can be used for several hours to maintain charge when using it. I tried it just now on my flight to the CES, and it actually allowed me to listen to music and play games on my entire 10+4 hour flight. Which was certainly neat. Although other reviews have pointed out that it might not be exactly 3000mah, I think it comes close enough.

For the incredibly low price of $8.99 I can indeed recommend it. It’s sturdy, convenient and has built in LED and it will serve you well.

Get it from Amazon.