Google Announces Cardboard Virtual Reality Kit

foldable cardboard vr google glass
At Googles most recent I/O keynote they announced something rather interesting. A sort of cardboardy version of Google Glass. You just fold this thing up, place your phone in it, and combined with built in lenses it creates a 3D VR effect. It even has NFC support. Pretty cool, and you can get your own (unofficial version) for $20.

Let’s be honest here, Virtual Reality is awesome and Google making a cardboard Oculus Rift is cool but who wants to order all those different pieces and spend a day cutting cardboard? We did the math and it costs over $45 to order all those bits and pieces Google suggested, and that doesn’t even include shipping from 4 different vendors. Well lucky for you we are nerds who know a thing or two about making stuff and we want to help get VR goggles in your hands!
We will gather all the pieces you will need to assemble your very own Google cardboard VR goggle (minus the smartphone). We precut the cardboard and you should be able to assemble all the pieces in under 5 minutes. Easy Peezy.

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