Mogees Turn Anything Into An Instrument


It’s a tiny vibration speaker, it’s purpose is to make music, with anything. you stick it onto any surface you like and it allows you to make music with it. Check out the video to see what I mean

This isn’t the first device we’ve seen that can turn a multitude of things into an instrument, but it’s the only one that uses a vibration speaker.


The idea is that you place the sensor onto an everyday object, such as a car, a balloon, or a radiator, and then play that object. This could mean tapping, hitting, or even blowing onto it.

The sensor picks up the sounds and sends them to the app, which then analyzes the incoming sounds and converts them into music on the fly. The app features a free mode and a song mode, the former allowing you to improvise, the latter allowing you to play a pre-existing song using a random object. You can also associate different sounds with different objects, capture sounds for future use, and play along to a backing track.


You can get your own on their Kickstarter page for a minimum pledge of £40