HTC Teams Up With UC Berkeley To Harness Computing Power From Smartphones

@Home is a distributed computing network, it helps research organisations crunch big numbers using participators computer power.  HTC claims that the combined power of 1 million HTC Ones is almost as good as a one-petaflop supercomputer.

So HTC has teamed up with UC Berkeley’s Dr. David Anderson, co-creator of SETI@home, for the HTC “Power To Give” initiative. You can already download the app from Google Play, install it and it’ll run in the background when your phone’s being charged up plus connected to WiFi.

HTC’s new “Power To Give” program takes your One or Butterfly series smartphone (with more Android devices to get support later) and harnesses its processing power to help cure diseases, map proteins and generally tackle tough problems that only high-powered computers can handle. To get started with Power To Give, all you need to do is download a free app from Google Play, pick a project you want to contribute to, then plug in your phone to charge and connect it to Wi-Fi.