Cliphone Stretchable Cord Organizer

From the makers of the ingenious recyclable iPhone case here comes the Cliphone.  Cliphone is a stretchable cord organizer so you can keep your headphone cables, chargers or any other small cables untangled. What makes the Cliphone special is that you can stretch it to fit your current cable needs, and it wont be a pain to carry around since it’s soft. Its one of those things that should already be included with any headphones, because everyone hates tangled up cables right?   Cliphone is currently up for funding on Kickstarter where $10 will get you two of them in your choice of colors.

cliphone cable organizer gif

Cliphone is constructed with a stretchable silicon band co-molded with a nylon snap button. Its tiny but powerful body can stretch twice as length to accommodate more cables.