Back To the Future Power Laces Coming 2015, Just As Planned

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nike power laces
Nike has just promised us powerlaces by 2015, just like in the ‘Back To The Future’ movies where everyone has them in 2015.

Nike designer Tinker Hatfield confirmed that the closure is on the way next year at a recent appearance at the Jordan Brand’s Flight Lab. “Are we gonna see Power Laces in 2015? To that, I say yes!,” Hatfield said. In case you’ve forgotten, the pair of MAGs in the movie were all the rage in 2015, so the schedule lines up.

However it remains to be seen whether the powerlace equipped shoes will have the same design as in the movie.

Worth mentioning is also that people have tried to get power laces on the market before. But this is the first time Nike themselves have promised it.


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  • me27. May, 2014

    who cares? This shit looked dumb in the 80’s and looks dumber now. Because this is exactly what fat Americans need: more unnecessary convenience.

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