The Essentials of GIAC Audit Certification to IT Industry Professionals

GSNA (GIAC systems and network Auditor) certification is the only certification offered by GIAC in the category of audit. This well-known certification validates the knowledge and skills for applying fundamental risk analysis techniques for conducting a technical kind of audit of key information systems. The GSNA certification verifies knowledge not only for law enforcement executives, but for many organizations and corporations who wish to investigate various issues within their companies pertaining to state laws and civil statutes. Certified professionals have the knowledge about electronic communications privacy, cyber fraud and abuse, and wiretap.

Experience required:

  • Anyone who wishes to get the GSNA certification must have hands-in experience of the following:
  • Auditing techniques and planning
  • Risk assessment required for control specification
  • Auditing of firewall and perimeter
  • 6 step process of auditing
  • Time based auditing
  • Auditing of network population
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Creating audit tool kit
  • Router auditing
  • Network controls validation
  • Auditing of web apps
  • Utilization of auditing tools

Significance of the GSNA certification for professionals

  • It’s a recognized and widely accepted certification in courts across the globes for witness testimony
  • The certification helps the professionals to get quick promotions and grab high paid job positions
  • It attempts to reinforce the experience and knowledge of the audit personnel
  • By earning this certification, auditing personnel can perform electronic evidence recovery with the help of advanced skills

Why professionals should prefer a GSNA certification over other audit certifications?

  • GIAC regularly updates the course for IT auditing and the GSNA certification keeps a professional up to date with the current trends, legal implications, techniques, and methods to resolve criminal issues
  • GIAC makes use of actual world and hands-on practical and forensic situations to test the skills of the candidates
  • The GSNA certification not only validates the legal knowledge but also verifies the comprehension of civil legal constitution and laws.
  • The GSNA certified professionals have a strong hold over EED (electronic evidence discovery) and can implement their knowledge to EED requests.



Target population

GIAC system and network auditor certification is specially designed for the technical personnel whose responsibility is to secure and audit information systems. This certification can be earned by auditors who want to demonstrate their technical skills related to different systems which they audit.

Preparation for the GSNA exam:

Candidates who want to prepare effectively for the GSNA exam can take the following SANS training course which is the official training course for GSNA exam.

AUD507: auditing networks, perimeters, and systems

The students can also get the study resources from self test training and other useful links related to GSNA certification.

Exam details:

Candidates are required to pass one proctored exam. The exam consists of 115 questions which must be completed within three hours. In order to clear the exam, candidates must secure 70% marks.


The GSNA certifications remains valid for four years, after which a person must renew the certification according to the latest certification, renew policy of GIAC.

Exam price and registration:

The price of the GSNA certification exam is 1,049 US dollars. Registrations for the exam can be done at GIAC’s official website where candidates will need to fill out a form and pay the exam fee.