In Australia Sharks Tweet When They Approach The Shore

Shark Week

shark twitter

This is something new, sharks on twitter. Or rather a shark attack warning system that utilizes twitter. Around 320 sharks found in the area have been tagged with a collar. When the sharks swim within a kilometer of the beach, the onshore monitors pick up their signal and post a tweet on Surf Life Saving Western Australia’s twitter account. The tweets include a lot of information about each shark, such as its location, distance from shore, type of shark, and time of sighting.

Shark attacks aren’t that likely to begin with, but anything to prevent it further is good i suppose. There are only about 100 attacks each year. Since 1580, there have been fewer than 500 fatal attacks. Perhaps a tweeting earthquake warning system would be of more use.

Of course if you’re already in the water you might not be that likely to check your twitter account.