Microsoft bans Firefox on ARM-based Windows, Mozilla launches a fightback campaign

IE10 Win8 screenshot Msft
Raising the specter of last-generation browser battles, Mozilla launches a publicity campaign to seek a place for browsers besides IE on Windows devices using ARM chips

Oh for christs sake Microsoft, what are you doing? Over 10 years and you still have not realised you can’t make browsers? Why dont you just buy Mozilla? God damnit.

It has now come to this, Microsoft has decided to ban third party browsers on windows tablets using ARM chips. Why? To give good old Internet Explorer a last chance..

“They’re trying to make a new version of their operating system which denies their users choice, competition, and innovation,” said Harvey Anderson, Mozilla’s general counsel. “Making IE the only browser on that platform is a complete return to the digital dark ages when there was only one browser on the Windows platform.”

That, of course, is what happened during the first browser war of the 1990s and beyond, on personal computers. Today, Mozilla’s top lawyer warned that Microsoft’s behavior threatens a repeat of history, because it’s telling Mozilla that it’s barring Firefox from forthcoming Windows 8 machines that use ARM processors.

Now Mozilla, the creators of Firefox have launched a campaign against IE. Or rather against monopoly for a shitty browser. A while ago microsoft had to offer the choice of alternative browser on windows 7 in Europe, apparently they didnt get the hint..

Source: Cnet