The new Ipad 3 might feature LTE and a Retina display!


It is almost a year ago Ipad 2 was born and rumor has it that it will soon be the premiere of the sequel Ipad 3
Apple is once again in the spotlight when the month of March is fast approaching. According to sources who have spoken to the site All Things D, the announcement of Ipad 3 will be during the first week of March. However, that is not all.

Wall Street Journal has since revealed that their own sources say that Apple can show a smaller version of around eight inches at the announcement. This could be a budget version with a lower screen resolution and smaller form factor.

WSJ also talks of an LTE (4g) version of the Ipad that will go on sale by the U.S. carrier AT & T and Verizon, probably in the form of a brand new tablet.

Maybe we might even be lucky to get a retina screen on the new ipad which would the (with the sam PPI as Iphone 4) have a staggering resolution of 2048×1536. Other rumors include a quadcore processor quite like the Tegra 3 and a better camera.