The top most iPhone Apps for Raving Football Fans

https://i0.wp.com/blogs.sundaymercury.net/powerup/football-manager-handheld-iphone-4.jpg?w=740If you love football in all its forms, whether it is played using jumpers for goal posts in the local park or on pristine manicured pitches in front of an audience of millions, there are plenty of mobile applications that will help you feed your addiction. If you have the latest iPhone 4S or one of Apple’s older mobile devices, there is almost certainly an app out there for you. Here are just some of the best available at the moment for fervent football fans.


Long held to be the best mobile gaming iteration of football, FIFA 12 is packed with more than 500 fully licensed teams from 22 of the world’s best leagues for you to choose from. The touchscreen controls are also very intuitive, enabling you to feel engaged with the action like never before. The full 3D graphics, excellent player representations and over 32 different stadiums to use as your playground round the app off in style. While it may have a premium price at the moment, it is definitely going to be worth it if you love the beautiful game and you want to play out your dream match-ups when you are out and about with your iPhone.

My Football

This paid-for football-news offering is one of many different apps which perform this function on the iPhone. However, what sets it apart from the crowd is the comprehensive nature of the information which it provides. Pulling in results and tables from over 40 different leagues across the globe, it also gives you access to reams of data relating to past performance. It’s not only useful for finding out the latest score, but also great if you want to end a debate at the bar.

Nike Football+ Master Control

If you want to keep up your own football skills rather than just enjoy the talents of others, then this is a good app to download, particularly since it is free of charge. It allows you to work out a weekly set of training drills which will help you get better at the core abilities you need to succeed on the pitch in competitive situations. It is also complemented by the inclusion of tips from professional players who really know what they are talking about.


This free app is quirky and fun, although it may seem a little unnecessary to anyone who does not quite get the joke. It is basically a program that turns the screen of your iPhone into a virtual card, so you can pull out a red or a yellow when you are playing a game of football with your friends to indicate your disapproval of a particular move. Of course, whether you want to be waving your precious smart phone around in the great outdoors is another matter entirely.

Sky Sport Live Football

You do not need to be a Sky customer to take advantage of this free application, which has comprehensive coverage of the Premier League and the Scottish leagues as well as the big competitions taking place across the rest of Europe. It also functions as a means of helping you to discover the nearest pub showing a particular game on Sky Sports. This includes those that have Sky Sports 3D available if you want added depth to your viewing experience while you sip a pint.
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